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Why Should You Use Videos in Your Email Marketing?

In today’s world, video marketing and email marketing are two of the most popular marketing tactics. But what if you put the two together? The end outcome would be a lethal marketing strategy with astonishingly positive results.

Video email marketing is identical to traditional email marketing. To promote your products/services, you send out emails to your leads and customers. But, as the name implies, the use of videos is what distinguishes video email marketing specialists.

Sounds too ordinary? Perhaps you should reconsider. Videos and emails are essential factors for nurturing leads and increasing income. The advantages you obtain multiply when you combine them. 

When we discuss the advantages of video email marketing, we must also consider the video email marketing software, which plays an essential role in the process. Video email marketing is the way to go if you want to start generating up to 66 percent more solid leads.

  1. Videos Attract More Viewers

Our attention span has dwindled as the world has progressed technologically. It’s hard enough to get people to look at your stuff. It’s nearly impossible to hold their attention and keep them engaged until the finish.

They attract greater attention from individuals and keep it for longer when they use both voice and pictures.

  1. Videos make your emails more memorable 

In fact, within an hour, people forget roughly half of what they’ve learned. Within a day, that number had risen to 70%. However, video can help you remember things.

People remember 95% of the information presented to them in a video, according to studies. Even more impressive is the fact that 80% of people who have seen a video advertisement say they can recall it within a month of seeing it. 

  1. Videos impact purchase decisions

People also use movies to aid in purchasing selections. In fact, 90% of those polled claimed that watching videos helps them decide what to buy. By making movies for your company and sending them to customers, you can influence how people think about what you have to offer.

 It’s critical for your company’s success that you take advantage of Video Email Marketing Software. On YouTube alone, people watch nearly a billion hours of video every day.

Use some of your time to assist customers in making a purchase. You may enhance the likelihood that people will learn about your brand and purchase by simply creating a video about your products.

  1. Videos boost email interaction 

People are 10 times more likely to connect with your video than with text. This includes video embedding, sharing, and commenting. When it comes to sharing videos, 92 percent of those polled stated they will do so.

The bottom line

It’s very simple to begin in the age of technology, and there are so many tools to assist you. We can assist you in incorporating video into your email marketing campaign with the expertise of industry professionals. Our team has generated 7.8 million leads for our clients in the last five years.

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