Why Online tuition in Kolkata is the most demanded

Over the last many years, home tuition in Kolkata has seen a rapid increase in demand. More students look for quality teachings so that they can get the benefit of learning them from their homes. Bookings for traditional kinds of tutoring include face-to-face lessons and residential placements are not that much popular as earlier. Online tuition in Kolkata has been gaining wider popularity over the last few years and there has been a distinct surge in online tuition websites, tutors who exclusively teach children online. Even many schools have initiated offering online programs so that students can learn at their convenience.

All the online tutors in Kolkata working at Ziyyara offer assured results as compared to face-to-face lessons where students have to study in groups. With digital technology, parents can have access to the best tutors.

How Do Online Tuitions Work?

 Rather than simply making a video call, often with screen sharing, Ziyyara has created its own software to provide one-to-one tailored home tuition in Kolkata. The tutors and students can easily communicate with each other in real-time and discuss their common issues. Doing this helps make even the most difficult concepts easy to understand.

Though the majority of online tutors prefer Skype, however, Ziyyara has created its own specialist platform so that students can have a much better experience while taking online tuition in Kolkata. Unlike offline learning, in digital classes, our tutor in Kolkata creates their own methods and uses the best-inbuilt platform matching the needs of the students.

Ziyyara Learning

Online tutoring can be a fantastic learning session, especially the interactive online whiteboards that make concepts easy to understand. Online tutoring offered at Ziyyara is quite affordable as compared to the charges taken by others. Even there is no downtime due to traveling, nor any other traveling costs attached to it. Whether you want online home tuition in Kolkata for Maths, Science, English, Hindi, or any other subject, Ziyyara’s online tutor in Kolkata is there for you.

Online Tuitions help solve children additional learning needs

For instance, in case someone is finding it difficult to understand maths solutions then usage of a whiteboard by Ziyyara’s online tutor in Kolkata to write out the steps for a maths solution can prove beneficial. Our tutor writes step-by-step solutions so that students can go back and refer to them. Online tuitions are helpful in supporting a wide variety of students in different ways.

Using this technology is something possible only while taking online tuition in Kolkata rather than taking offline classes and studying in groups. 

Online tuitions help improve students’ concentration level

Online tuition in Kolkata helps many children actually concentrate on a screen more as compared to a face-to-face lesson. From interactive whiteboards to school portals to much more, all concepts can be better explained using a laptop or tablet.

All these devices, if used in a purposeful manner can help children improve their scores. Online tutoring is much more interactive and gives enough time to students to scroll through the internet. 

Online tuitions are more flexible

If anything, online tuition in Kolkata is highly flexible as compared to traditional face-to-face tuition. Students can get access to experienced tutors from anywhere in the world.

Online tuitions are more reliable

Most homes, libraries, and other places have a high internet speed, high bandwidth internet connection making online classes accessible everywhere. The tutors working with, as an online specialist, also have a strong internet connection to offer undisturbed online classes. 


Though there are some tutors in Kolkata who are specialized in online tuition, the majority of them don’t have the experience and skills needed to make online learning more accessible. At Ziyyara, an online home tutor in Kolkata working with us, we have years of experience and know what efforts need to be put in while making digital learning effective.

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