What’s incredible in Going For Dubai Desert Safari?

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai is a city of luxury filled with excellent hotels, artificial islands, and extravagant malls. It has some of the world’s best man-made beaches and thrilling amusement parks for adventure seekers. A few examples of buildings can astonish anyone who sees them in person, such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab. So, However, if you wish to see the desert and these beautiful places, you should opt for Dubai Desert Safari or Arabian Jeep Tour.

Vacationing in Dubai is incomplete without enjoying the magnificent sand dunes of Arabia. So, Nothing beats experiencing the sand beneath your feet while riding in an open 4×4 vehicle with friends or family across sand-covered hills and camel farms on your way to a campsite next to a desert oasis.

The Arabian Desert is a hot and arid land that can get extremely cold at night. Hammocks are hung inside each tent, providing relaxing time while the sun sets on the horizon. So, Campfires, barbeques, and tea with dates under starry skies make your stay an unforgettable experience for a lifetime.

Eating warm Arabic bread called Khubz and roasted meat or chicken with rice and potato chips cooked on a campfire adds to the joy of having dinner in open-air, sitting near the sandbox, and enjoying the cool breeze fluttering through your hair.

There is no better place than the Dubai desert to enjoy such adventurous activities unless you travel to Saudi Arabia or Oman, where such opportunities are more readily available every year throughout the winter months from Oct to Mar.

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Desert Safari Dubai
Desert Safari Dubai

Who Love Such Trips?

  • People wish to spend their weekend in a fine luxury resort with entertainment and fun activities like Camel Races, Arabian Folk Show, BBQ Dinner, Sandboarding, etc.
  • The adventure lovers who want to explore the thrilling white sand dunes on 4×4 Jeeps can book for Dubai Desert Safari.
  • People who wish to eat Arabic cuisine and enjoy local dance having fun with friends can opt for such trips.
  • There are several wedding planners that organize Arabian-themed weddings inviting people like performers, belly dancers, chefs, etc. It is a great way to celebrate your special day with style and elegance.
  • Those who want to spend quality time with family on this trip visit the most luxurious cities of UAE, enjoying every bit of gold, shopping malls, and the world’s famous architecture.

Reasons To Visit Dubai Desert

  • There is nothing more mesmerizing than the desert at night. The colors of the sky change to dark blue, and the stars appear with full brightness, taking your mind off of your worries for just a moment.
  • Jeep Safari is like an open treasure for explorers as it gives an experience of riding on Jeep through dunes and camels, horses, and sheep. Getting off the Jeep to enjoy sandboarding under scorching heat is thrilling enough.
  • You feel like you are in the middle of two different worlds (water & dessert), but both can be experienced within a few hours if you go for Dubai Desert Safari.
  • You will experience the night shows live and cherish the moments with live BBQ and can eat roasted chicken over a bonfire, enjoying dance performances by local women dressed in their traditional costumes and dancing to Arabic tunes.
  • You can enjoy the traditional ride on a camel over the dunes and witness sunrise and sunset in the desert.
  • When you travel in big groups, all the expenses are shared equally, so it is not expensive compared to other family trips.
  • The desert safari excursion offers you a chance to meet locals and get more information about the culture.

Things To Take With You On Safari

  • Keep a sunblock if you opt for the morning desert safari.
  • Your clothes like a t-shirt and shoes should be comfortable as you will take many rides there.
  • A towel or shawl to line your neck during the cold evening is vital as burka is not allowed in Dubai Desert Safari.
  • Bring a camera to capture the moments while riding on jeeps, camelback, live shows, etc.

Final Words

Dubai is a fun-filled, exciting, luxurious city with all facilities for tourists from around the world to plan their vacation and have a great time. So, Several travel agencies organize full-day or half-day trips to visit the Dubai desert where you enjoy famous activities like jeep safari, quad biking, sandboarding, etc.

It is indeed a fantastic place to go with family and friends as it gives you a chance to relax your mind under starry skies enjoying the nightlife of this lovely city. So, Book your tickets now and let us know in the comments if you need to ask anything else.


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