What is the cost of duplicating a car key?

Key Copies: Price and Options

Making a copy or duplicate of our car key. Talking about car key prices is the most economical option to have new keys for our vehicle. But, as in other situations of this type, waiting for the key to our car to become an emergency because we do not have any spare. It will not only leave us with the vehicle immobilized. Probably in some complicated situation such as a parking lot or someplace far from our home. But it will also be far more complex to solve for a professional or the dealer. Also check: I buy I sell tractors

Fast and cheap

Making a copy of the car key is fast and cheap. And if it is a modern car key, the Smart key type, or smart key. It is also possible to get a duplicate. Not having a spare key for the car exposes us to having to call the tow truck for not being able to move the car and not opening it. And it will surely lead us to more significant and unexpected expenses.

Price of duplicate a car key

The price of a copy of a car key, without remote control, is speedy and cheap. But the price skyrockets if, because you do not have a key, you must remove the vehicle’s lock. And make an opening or change an electronic module inside the car. Losing all your keys and calling the dealer to resolve the problem can be a headache, in time and money. A variety of factors come into play to help determine how high the cost of duplicating car keys can be.

Have you lost your car keys? It has a solution!

Having a duplicate car key eliminates this possibility instantly. That you will never be stuck with your car due to the loss of your lone key. However, if you are far-sighted, you will be able to locate the key if you ever lose it. Knowing that you have a duplicate car key on hand will significantly alter the situation.

Therefore, to be clear, to use the car with peace of mind and save money. You need to have at least one accessible physical key to make a copy.

Now, let’s take the time to go over some of the factors that will come together to determine the cost of car key duplication.

Where to make cheap car key copies?

The price of copying the car key will vary depending on where you go to make the duplicate. Let me explain it better: If you take your key to the nearest hardware store in search of a copy. If you are lucky, you will find someone to help you. However, many times the employees of the hardware stores do not have enough experience to give you the most appropriate and economical solution. What’s more, they probably offer only “ONE” solution (or none) to your problem.

And this solution may not be the best or the cheapest. This is not because they don’t want to help you. They have simply been trained to insert your key into a machine and, depending on how good the machine is, to be able to make a copy, or not, of your key. Keep in mind that it is not only about copying the sword of your key. But they also have to copy the chip inside (copy of the transponder). Which involves making an electronic copy of your car key. And this is not always possible.

Make a copy of the key vs. program a key in the car

Now that we’ve outlined all the necessary steps to take into account. When trying to calculate the cost of duplicating your car key. It’s time to take a look at some essential details. As I have said on several occasions, it is essential to remember that duplicating the car key is a question, not replacing it. Or making new keys because we do not have any spare. However, let’s briefly see how car key duplication prices change when additional services are needed, like transponder key programming.

At your local hardware store, you can only duplicate basic/standard keys in most cases.

A cheap locksmith Tampa will have a greater variety of keys and may offer you more options if they exist, which will allow you to save money.

Prices vary due on the cost of replicating car keys with additional features. This pricing variation is primarily determined by the type of blank car key required.

For example, it is not the same in the USA to have to buy a key for a Fiat Punto, then for a Cadillac brought from the USA. It is not the same for you, nor for your mechanic, nor for your locksmith.

At the official dealer, the cost of duplicating car keys may be higher. The disparity in these prices is mainly due to car dealers not often working with the most essential keys. The keys they work with are usually only remote-control keys and they can usually only work and order what their own computer system offers them, as with any other spare part. This without counting the appointments, the possible “hours of work” of the mechanic and others etc.


Key programing

Car pin code – key programming If the professional responsible for programming the car key does not have this information and cannot bypass this security protection by some other means, it will very likely be necessary to try to read it by working directly on the electronics of our car or by buying it from companies specialized in this service. Not only will that add an extra step and add complexity to the programming process. But it will also slightly increase the price of the key. Buying the codes is usually not very expensive, but it is still an extra.

Essentially, the duplication process can be very straightforward for the oldest and most basic keys. However, when it comes to more modern car keys, keys that can only be programmed in the car, smart keys, etc., in all these cases, additional steps are required. For this type of key, the cost of programming the key in the car must be considered, or it may also be necessary to work with the vehicle’s electronic immobilizer. This makes it a completely different operation.

In this case, they will need to program the chip inside your new duplicate key so that it can work together with your car’s receiver and be recognized by the vehicle’s electronic immobilizer. When this happens, the cost of duplicating the car key increases.



We never have to wait for a minor problem that can be controlled. Such as the need to duplicate our car key, to become an emergency for us. We should never go on a trip in a car with only one key available.

In many cases, many other services tend to be grouped under the name “copy of car keys” that later, when it comes time for them to give us a budget, ends up being more expensive than that advertising that seemed so convenient.

All in one Locksmith hope that this article helps you to know a little better the details of the operation of your vehicle. At the same time allows you to better determine what type of service you need. It is important to understand the differences between copying car keys and programming car keys and remotes.

If you can identify what type of service you need, you will have a better idea of ​​its total cost. And finally, that will allow you to save because you will not spend money on services you probably do not need.

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