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The Best Apps to Consult Doctors Online


With the expansion and development of the internet space, everything has become very convenient. This includes healthcare too. You can now easily download a doctor consultation app and connect with any doctor if you feel under the weather or require medical assistance. There are several apps in the healthcare sector that take care of the consumers’ needs.

From medicine to the online doctor consultant app, everything is now at the disposal of the consumers. These apps have become highly convenient and affordable for doctor consultation in India. There are several apps in this space. Some of them are discussed below.

The Best Apps for Doctor Consultation in India

Several apps are using which you can consult a doctor. Some of the most popular doctor consultation apps are listed below:

 Bajaj FinServ Health App

The Bajaj FinServ Health app is a one of its kind doctor consultation app. You can get several personalised healthcare plans on this app. If you have been feeling low or are suffering from any disease, you can look for a doctor and reach out to that particular doctor without any charges. You can also find the best clinics near you to visit the doctor physically and talk about your condition.

The app allows you to book any doctor’s appointment without any hassle. You can also get on a video call with the doctor to discuss your health. The best feature of this consultation app is that you can store all of your records in the ‘Health Vault.’


Talking about the online doctor consultant appPracto is one of the oldest and the most trusted names for healthcare. Practo allows you to book an appointment with a doctor of your choice and chat with them about your problem. You are needed to pay a nominal fee to contact these doctors.

The fee would vary depending on the kind of specialist you choose. For instance, a neurologist will most likely charge more than a general physician on Practo. Apart from consulting with doctors, you can also get the home collection done for the various tests prescribed by the doctor.


Lybrate is also a well-known brand in the online healthcare space. There are about 1,50,000 registered doctors on the Lybrate app that patients can choose from. This app also provides regular information on medicines. All of the information is provided by the healthcare experts themselves.

The Lybrate Lab + feature allows you to get your sample collected from home for any kind of tests that a doctor might recommend. The platform is secure and is known for its massive database on all types of medicines. You can even check the composition of different medicines and compare your options.


The app is new in the telemedicine space but is doing quite well. There are about 300,000 doctors registered on this app. You can reach out to these doctors. There are features like chatting with a doctor or calling the doctor to help you get in touch with the doctor.

You can also get your medicines home-delivered using this app. The user interface of this app is easy to use. The app also has several health tips that come directly from specialised health care professionals. The fee that they charge is as meagre as Rs. 200.

 Tata 1mg

1mg is the best app when it comes to patient confidentiality. Several certified doctors on the app can help you out in all cases. The app also allows you to help the doctors with your medical documents related to any medical history.

The app has services like e-pharmacy, online consultations, and lab tests. You can be do everything on the same platform. The app is popular because it serves all of your healthcare needs. They also have an ayurvedic portal for believers in Ayurvedic medicine.


Today, consumers are present online, which has called for online solutions even in the healthcare space. Several apps serve the needs of patients today. Apps like Bajaj FinServ Health help the patients with online doctor consultations and every other aspect associated with it. These apps are here to make healthcare more accessible for patients all across the country. Therefore, these healthcare apps are here to stay.

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