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siemens teamcenter training

The company presented to its clients and prospective customers the new edition of siemens teamcenter training NX 7.5 platform. It was able to count on the support of a few customers who provided evidence of how ? The platform worked in their daily operations.

Alfredo Trevino, Vice President of Operations at Siemens PLM for Mesoamerica, declared. : “We have users who have reduced their mold design time by 60 to 2 hours by using our software. In this way, we would like to inform the market how to become better efficient “.

As of 2010, the company was able to secure large contracts in the automobile industry, like Chrysler and Daimler This translates to an exponential increase in the number of customers either internally or through their own supplier.

The model of marketing employed by the company is two-way, whether directly or through channels. In the latter case the former, it has 14 partners spread across various parts of the region. it’s also in negotiations with several additional.

“All Channels we have are certified as being capable of marketing, providing user education and be an initial line for technical assistance. If needed, the company can provide support for follow-up with the customer ” added Trevino.

The fiscal year of the company ended in September of last year, a time that saw sales through its partners reached 40%. However, the company’s aim is to increase that to 50% over the near time, and also attracted larger projects, which will mean higher profits.

The developer provides more instruction to make users familiar with the software It also seeks partners with expertise with distribution apps broadly or similar to them in addition to companies that offer equipment, machines, or other tools that integrate with platforms.

The program covers the areas of technology and business lasting from about four to five weeks. it is available in person or on the internet.

Teamcenter Training Rapid Start

You can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Its Rapid Start configuration delivers Teamcenter already configured to make use of the most popular best practices in the industry. And the knowledge from Siemens PLM Software.

Selecting the preconfigured Teamcenter Rapid Start features to cut down on the costs of support and maintenance and begin using PDM efficiently and quickly. Get immediate advantages from PDM and be confident that you’ll have a pathway towards the management of lifecycles of products (PLM) as you require it.


A Comprehensive Portfolio of Lifecycle Application for Product

  • Systems Engineering and Requirements Management Document requirements for products programs, restraints on program, the supply chain/manufacturing aspects.
  • The management of Portfolios, Projects and Programs – Manage the execution of projects to deliver solid business outcomes.
  • Engineering Process Management – A secure system for managing data from different CAD, CAM, and CAE systems.
  • Bill of Materials Management – Manage more options with less effort, while offering greater product selection and the ability to adapt
  • Compliance Management – Capture compliance requirements as early as possible and incorporate early in the process of development.
  • Control and manage document management, content development document development and support within the same environment that is used to oversee product development.
  • Formulation, Packaging and Management of Brands – Combine the discrete and well-formulated information about products with brand and packaging information.
  • Supplier Relationship Management – Integrates your company’s extended operations and related information across all phases in the process of developing products.
  • Method Management in Mechatronics Manufacturing Simulation, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul – Control the entire operational aspect of bringing a product into the market.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Transforms corporate data into valuable data that can be used to analyze and make decisions.

Cloud PLM Teamcenter X Free Trial of Teamcenter Training

Leading industry PLM 30-day trial for free software

Examine the most popular-use-case scenarios

  • Find, search, and reuse information on products.
  • Access and prepare an invoice of material (BOM).
  • Participate and initiate changes and participate in.
  • Keep track of information about products, such as design and documentation.
  • Find out the ways Teamcenter X can be used within. Your MCAD as well as ECAD design tool by using NX as an illustration.

For more information you can follow them at their facebook page.

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