Reasons Why Brass Pipe Fittings are People’s Favorite

Toolstation ¾ to 22mm Brass fittings are zinc copper alloys used for a long time in plumbing fittings for commercial, domestic, and industrial use. With the wide range of options available in the market today, you might be thinking about whether or not to spend the additional money on brass fitting for plumbing and waterwork systems. You can add safe and strong fittings to your piping systems by using brass fittings. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide the benefits as intended. A ¾ to 22mm brass couplers can be fitted to the pipe without using heat. To find out how well brass fittings will work in the systems you will use them in; you need to know about their benefits. 

Aesthetic Purposes

Many people use brass fittings for their piping systems for aesthetic purposes. This is mostly when the fittings are more exposed. These couplers can be used for other purposes, such as furniture that add to their aesthetic. Even though they are expensive, since they look good in any setting, people are generally attracted to such fittings more commonly in domestic applications. Toolstation ¾ to 22mm brass fittings are of excellent quality. Brass fittings are finished in several ways, like polished, plated in chrome, or a nickel finish for exposed pipe fittings. 


Brass Fittings have many operational characteristics, due to which they are powerful. When you need to install pipe fittings in a system that requires a long service, brass fittings like Toolstation ¾ to 22mm are the best option as they remain strong and do not disintegrate or crack for a very long time. They also perform with excellent efficiency in water supply lines with boiling water and maintain their original state no matter how much the temperature increases up to the point that they can even survive in a house fire. 


Brass fittings are available in various sizes, shapes, and widths to be used for many different applications. They also have fittings with the help of which you can make changes in the pipe size. You can use brass for projects with unique and strict specifications, and it helps meet the required parameters. Using brass fitting, the quality and efficiency of the water delivery through the pipelines dramatically improve. 

High-Temperature Tolerance

Brass fittings are the best kind of fittings for piping systems involving hot water. They improve the efficiency of the hot water distribution lines and provide outstanding conductivity at higher temperatures. Brass fittings like ¾ to22mm Screwfixare the strongest among other options for withstanding extremely high temperatures to the point where these are the only materials that can withstand such high temperatures and maintain their efficiency. 

Resistance to Corrosion

Brass fittings have excellent corrosion resistance as compared to other materials. They are the best in terms of this quality to protect the most from corrosive properties. They are protected from corrosion and are protected from the wear and tear caused by metals due to decline. When the water PH is terrible, it can make the water corrosive, which damages the pipe fittings, but by using brass fittings, you can get rid of this issue as they are highly corrosion resistant. They stay protected even from the water with the worst PH and corrosive properties. 


Sometimes, the pipe fitting may get damag during the bending or shaping process while altering the steel or iron pipes. But with brass fittings like ¾ to 22mm, you do not have to worry about such problems. Brass is highly malleable. Therefore, you can work with these fittings without worrying about anything hence providing you with the ease of working. As job comfort increases, the cost is reduc for working when the plumbing job is off. The brass metal malleability does not mean they are weak. Despite being malleable, they can maintain their durability. 


From all the above factors, you know Toolstation ¾ to 22mm now why brass fittings are the customer’s favorite metal fittings. They provide you with the benefits of corrosion resistance, malleability so you can comfortably do your job, high-temperature tolerance, versatility as they can be use for many different applications and are available in many different sizes and shapes, durability which ensures their longer lifespan, and most importantly the aesthetic purposes which are very important when the pipings are expos. Considering all of these factors, you can very well tell why the extra cost of using brass fittings is all worth it. Why use a cheap option that will wear out after some time. By buying these brass fittings, you will be sure not to regret spending your precious hard-earned money on them. 



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