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Lifeguard Training tools for swimmers out of the water

If you are into swimming, you should know that there are many tools that you can use outside of the pool to become stronger and improve your performance. We offer you some ideas in the following article.

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The pool is not the only place where swimmers work out to get stronger. Lifeguard Training for swimmers can benefit from the use of certain elements specific to the work of each muscle group or physical capacity. Know the most recommended!

For a swimmer to excel in competitions, not only technical aspects count. Of course, the physical part has a central relevance and, to improve it, it is necessary to resort to different types of work.

In this sense, training in a gym or doing aerobic routines is essential to increase strength, power, and muscular endurance. Likewise, the efficiency of the cardiovascular system will also increase, and it is an important factor in maintaining a good swimming rhythm.

Elements for Lifeguard training swimmers

Both to know how to choose elements that we can use to train at home and to add new exercises to the gym routine, it is very useful to know what elements can help physical improvement for swimming. Here are some of the most popular:

Gym equipment

The flat bench, pulley machines, press, and bars for strength work are must-haves in swimmer training. The most common is to find them in any gym since it is not justified to invest so much money to have them at home.

Planning a workout with a certified trainer will allow the athlete to improve those muscles that need to be strengthened. As well as being very good for performance, it also helps prevent injuries to a greater extent.

Kettlebells and dumbbells, very useful in lifeguard training for swimmers

In this case, it is an element that we can have at home. With the so-called kettlebells, you can perform an infinite number of exercises. And the same goes for traditional dumbbells. As they come in different weights, they allow gradual progress and resistance, hypertrophy, or strength work, depending on the swimmer’s needs.

Elastic bands

The number of exercises that we can do with them is really surprising. Although they seem undemanding jobs for a trained athlete, the hardest ones offer significant resistance, so muscle strengthening is more than possible.

Fixed bars

When it comes to training with your own body weight, having fixed bars is really advantageous. One of its main virtues is that they can be installed almost anywhere in the house, even in small areas. You can also find them in public spaces!

With the horizontal bars, it is possible to exercise many different muscle groups. Beyond the strength and endurance that is developed, it is also very good for improving whole-body functionality and posture. You will not regret it if you try them!

Stationary bike, elliptical, or treadmill

Aerobic training can not miss the routine of every swimmer. To do this, in addition to swimming and jogging, you can use devices such as the stationary bike, the elliptical, the climber, the rowing machine or the treadmill. They will all be very good at achieving the desired results!

Balls, also useful in training for swimmers

Finally, balls can become a phenomenal element to exercise, especially when doing it at home, when we can not attend the gym. There are different styles: there are fireballs or Swiss balls, medals, and reaction balls.

Each type of ball allows you to do specific exercises. While fireballs can be the perfect complement to push-ups or sit-ups, medals are often used as a load on squats or deadlifts.

The reaction ones are somewhat newer, it is a sphere with protrusions in the shape of a half-circle that makes their boat unpredictable. They are very good at working on reflexes and coordination. To these elements, we can also add the, which is a half-sphere with a flat side that is used for balance and stability work.

In short, any training for swimmers will be very complete if the elements that we mentioned before are used. Some are not so expensive and we can use them at home, even on days of active rest. Check with your coach and add them to your workouts!

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