Know Which Flower is Best to be gifted to your Spouse on Different Occasions

Know Which Flower is Best to be gifted to your Spouse on Different Occasions

Flowers are an inexpressible gift that has the power to express your feelings beautifully. Be it a single flower or a beautiful bouquet, both make a perfect gift for almost any occasion. No matter whether you are presenting a single long-stemmed rose or a bouquet of multiple blooms from a gift store online, you are offering your expression of emotions that words are unable to convey easily.

Which Flower is Best to be gifted to your Spouse on Different Occasions

You might be unsure which flower color is suitable for a specific occasion. However, while you send flowers online, it is essential to understand that every flower has sentiments adhered to it that play a major role in depicting a message to the recipient. Take an example of a tansy flower, which belongs to the daisy family and has beautiful button-like heads. This flower for some represents hostile thoughts, while for others it’s health and immortality.

On the other hand, pink carnations have the meaning of gratitude. But those having strips show refusal and yellow means rejection. All the meanings of flowers have been derived from multiple sources, right from the Bible to the Shakespeare words. Whereas the flowers’ symbols have evolved for centuries. In order to be more confident in your selections from gift stores online, make sure that you know the flowers’ languages.

To say “I Love You’ nothing can beat the importance of flowers. If you aren’t sure which type of flower is best for your spouse, have a look at the list of flowers to fit your spouse’s style and personality.


Tulips are flowers with bulb shapes and come in a variety of colours like red, yellow, purple, white, and pink. The red tulips depict love, whereas the white one means an apology. Perfect to send flowers online for the happy-go-lucky type of person and are best for anniversaries, birthdays, or for a new relationship. If you want to send some message to your loved ones with this flower, the perfect message that best fits with it is ‘Glad that we have met’ or ‘Looking forward to having more dates that we have just had’.


Lilac flower comes in a light violet shade and strong magenta colour. The light violet shade represents the first twinges of love. While the strong magenta color symbolizes strong love. This flower is perfect for the one who is younger and is in new love with the partner. This flower from a gift store online is perfect to be gifted on birthdays. The message that goes perfect with its bouquet is ‘I remember the first time we met together and I want to know you more’ or Happy birthday to my true love.


Roses are considered to be the most romantic flowers of all. Though this flower comes in various colors, but, the deep red color rose is the true symbol of everlasting love. They also represent the deepest and true love for the partner. Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, birthday, or any special day can be celebrated with a bouquet of red roses. The message that goes perfect with this flower is ‘Happy Anniversary to my devoted and love wife/hubby’ or’ I love you with all my heart and soul’.


The Orchids flower is considered to be the most exotic and delicate as compared to other flowers. It is available in several varieties and colors. But the rainbow colors represent hope, love, and luck. Perfect to be gifted on birthdays and Valentine’s Day by sending flowers online. The message that best fits with this flower is ‘You are beautiful, delicate, and precious just like these orchids’ ‘They made me think of you’.

Stargazer Lilies:

These flowers are known to be the most dramatic as well as a bold choice for gifting purposes. These stargazer lilies are known for wealth and prosperity. Hence, must be gifted from a gift store online to the one who loves bright and beautiful colors for their office and home. These flowers are perfect for gifting on birthdays and Valentine’s Day. The message that perfectly fits with these flowers is ‘These flowers made me think of you and your wonderful personality. Be like this ever. I Love You’.

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