Kedarnath Trek Guide Season Wise


means “Field of Lord”. Planning to visit this almighty? It’s the best place for both adventure and spiritual lovers. Then you get prepared very well and be aware of the random climate change at Kedarnath. Have a satisfying visit by planning your tour in advance according to the weather over here. Get spiritual enlightenment by visiting the huge Kedarnath Temple and many other devotional places. Snuggled between the Himalayan Mountain range in Rudraprayag district it’s one of the ‘Char Dham’ yatra. Also, you can attend different colors of festivals. It’s an 18 km trek to make it secure and safe by making yourself completely aware of seasonal challenges. This trek becomes challenging due to erratic weather in Kedarnath. Following are the guidelines to plan your journey accordingly.

Kedarnath In Summers 

If you are planning your visit in the summertime then yes this is the best season to visit. April, May, and June is the month for summer here. To get the contended experience you must plan for this season, as the temples are open and you won’t miss any single bit of Kedarnath. The only thing is at this time it will be quite crowded. As it is always cold here but in summer it’s quite acceptable here the temperature will be around 17 degrees. In the evening it will get cold but during the day it’s sunny and pleasant. Small villages around Kedarnath all are in full spirit to showcase all colors of Uttarakhand. This decent weather will make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.

Season– Cool and Comfortable

Months: April to June

Temperature: From 15 degrees to  30degrees, Average temperature 17 degrees

Kedarnath In Monsoon

As the monsoon approaches it is going to be cold and windy. Mansson starts here from July to mid of September. Most people avoid this season due to landslides and road hurdles. But still is the all-around beauty of green lush land. Many wildflowers are in full bloom right now. Flowing springs can be seen. This is a considerable time for trekkers and hikes to make their adventure breathtaking. It’s a bit risky too but with proper guidance and support, you can do it. You might encounter heavy rain in this season that will be a hurdle for you. It was a little bit crowded too.  In this season you will enjoy the beauty of this surplus land.

Season– Moderate rain with chances of landslide

Months: July to September

Temperature: From 27 degrees to 12degrees

Kedarnath In Winter

Definitely, the weather is not inevitable at this time due to heavy snowfall. The whole land got covered with a blanket of snow. Everything got shut down and this divine place got its own solitude. It is believed that Adi Shankaracharya got his Nirwana here so, on the closing day of the temple samadhi pooja is conducted. The sacred statue of Lord Shiva has been shifted to Omkareshwar temple at Ukhimath for pilgrimage to offer their homage. If you are planning to visit in October or November then you can witness the grand celebration of Diwali, the whole temple was decorated with glittering lamps. Make sure to be well prepared for this season by carrying an extra pair of clothes and waterproof gear. Also, keep a good amount of nutritionally rich food items with you to keep yourself warm.

Season– Winter and freezing cold

Months:  October to March

Temperature: From 0 degrees to 20degrees

Keeping in mind all of these contrasting weather conditions and according to your preferences, choose the right time to visit. The season is the most crucial thing in this trek. As the door is open for the temple only in summer and in other seasons it’s almost a shutdown still, other seasons have their own charm. But all you have to do is to surrender this grand natural beauty and the powerhouse of divine bliss. Once you experience the aura of this incredible place it will leave the best memories of your life. Visit this celestial place with all the strength and courage you have. Which will give you that wonderful feeling of being near to Lord Shiva. No doubt this place itself gives you the energy to sustain in any harsh conditions you come across.

Illusion will make you flow, But if you love Shiva You will Glow

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