How To Store RVs In The Storage Units During Winter

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Winter is coming, and it will be here sooner than you think. If you have an RV, then you need to start thinking about how you are going to store your RV in the storage units during winter. The problem with storing your RV in a storage unit such as RV storage daphne al during this time of year is that there is a good chance that it will get damaged by the cold temperatures. This means that if you store your RV in a storage unit during winter, there is a good chance it will be damaged, and so now you need to find a way to prevent that from happening. So how can you protect your RV from getting damaged? Some of the tips are described below. Take a look at the following points: 

Remove Water From RVs

Storage units are an excellent way to store your RV during the off-season. However, there are some things you should do to protect your vehicle before you put it in storage. If you are thinking of storing a vehicle in a storage facility during the winter, you will want to take precautions to prevent water damage. This is especially true if your vehicle has had standing water in it for an extended period of time. If left unprotected, water damage can lead to rust and serious structural issues that will significantly lower the return on your investment. Therefore, it is recommended to remove water from the RVs. Otherwise, it will freeze and expand, leading to destruction in the RVs pipe. Drain all freshwater from the system either by flushing or running it through the pump and dumping it into a bucket.

Seal Your RV

When you are going to store your RV over the winter months, it is good that you properly seal it first. You need to make sure that your RV is free from moisture and mildew before putting it away. Did you know that if you don’t properly seal the RV before storing it, you could end up with mould issues when you get it back out? Yes, it is true! Thus, properly sealing RV before storing is very important.

Remove The Batteries

It is said that RV storage such as storage Spanish Fort al is the best option for people who don’t use their vehicles throughout the year. However, often, people forget to remove the RV batteries from the vehicle before storing them. This practice can cause damage to your vehicle and harm your health as well. So, why should you remove the RV batteries before storing the vehicle in a storage unit? If you leave the batteries in your RV and it is stored for a long time, the electrolyte could freeze and could damage some parts of the battery like its plates. If the battery freezes, it could crack open and release hydrogen gas, which can be explosive. Batteries should be stored in a cool place where the temperature stays above freezing. Thus, you should remove the batteries from RVs before storing taking the vehicle to the storage units.

Stabilize The Fuel

Few people realize just how much work goes into keeping their recreational vehicles (RVs) in good shape for the winter. One of those is stabilizing the fuel in your RV before storing it for the winter. This will prevent the fuel from going bad and causing a spill, which can be extremely dangerous. To stabilize the fuel, you have to mix a fuel stabilizer with it. Gasoline is naturally unstable and can go bad. The stabilizer seals up all of the oxygen, making it difficult for any chemical reactions to take place. While you’re storing your RV, you should also be sure that it is


RVs are the prime choice for people who love to travel. But, you may wonder what to do with your RVs when it is cold outside and snowing. If you can’t park your RV outside, then how will you protect it from the harsh winter? Don’t worry! You should choose the right storage unit such as self storage in daphne al for safely parking your RV during the winter season. The above-mentioned tips are helpful to safely store your RV in an outdoor storage unit during winter.

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