How to Share Your Screen On Discord

Before learning how to share screens on the Discord platform, it’s necessary to understand the features, and it’s benefits. Discord is primarily a video streaming and conference platform. Discord was originally developed by gamers for gamers. The goal was to create a forum in which gamers could interact quickly and successfully. However, the platform has expanded and developed over time. Not just the gaming community, but also businesses, can benefit from the system.

Among the features that users will appreciate about this platform are the free base features. This means that you can set up an account, develop and grow your server, use voice and video chat, and screen share all for free. Of course, you are welcome to upgrade it to a paid service in order to take advantage of the platform’s full functionality. However, even if you do not, you can still take advantage of the platform’s greatest benefits.

Benefits of Screen Sharing

Many people are interested in learning how to share a screen on Discord due to its numerous benefits. Here are a few benefits :

Increased productivity, particularly during consultations. Everything becomes slightly more efficient when screens are shared. Interaction is facilitated.  You are not required to send PowerPoint presentations or files to everyone and then wait for them to download it, sharing of the screen enables you to display some of those files or lectures immediately.

You will get better technical support for your users. This is also useful when contacting technical support. Rather than calling them and then trying to describe the glitches, you can simply share the screen, so the IT technician can see the issues for themselves. It certainly simplifies things.

Strengthening the pitch, particularly for clients. When you’re in critical meetings with critical clients, sharing of screen comes in handy. Rather than sending them pictures and videos they may still not get it, you can instantly demonstrate how something works, how to handle it, and similar things. Trust me, you will appear extremely trustworthy and professional. Clients will develop a greater level of trust in you and your goods.

Configuration of the camera or video

To learn how to share screen on Discord, you must first configure the sound and video equipment. Bear in mind that mobile apps will be unable to use the screen sharing feature. This means that you will need to access this feature via the web.

Below are the steps to take:

  • While your Discord app is running, navigate to the ‘Settings menu. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s the hub icon beside your username. It should be located in the interface’s left lower section.
  • Navigate to the App’s ‘Settings’. Then select ‘Video and Audio’.
  • Scroll the drop-down menu in the Video Settings section. Additionally, you may select your own camera. If preferred, the option ‘Test Video’ is available. You can use it to make sure that the system operates properly.
  • If you are using the browser app (not the app version), you must allow camera access. It will increase your device’s success rate. On your screen, a pop-up window appears. Simply click the button ‘Allow’ to confirm access to it. Discord requires your authorization to make use of the microphone and camera on your pc. If the pop-up does not appear in your browser, you must refresh it.

Make New Friends

You can initiate a video call only with people on your Friends list. If you are not friends with them on Discord, you will be unable to share your screen with them, and it’s that simple. 

The following are the steps to take:

Return to the Home page section

To obtain your Friends List, click on ‘Friends’.

You can access the username by clicking it. Another method is to hover your cursor over the area surrounding their name. It will bring up the menu with the option to “Begin a Video Call.”

If you do not wish to use the hovering method, you may use the following method: Simply click on the friend’s name. It will initiate a direct message for both you and them. There seems to be an option to ‘Begin a Video Call’ above the window.

If you’re using an Android or iOS device, you can initiate the video call by clicking on the triple dot icon, which will be located on the top right-side of your screen. Then select Begin Video Call.

Making Use of Video Calls and Screen Share


Apart from learning how to share a screen on Discord, it’s critical to become familiar with other features. Because when video call begins, the following features become available:

Expanding Arrow Down

On the left, you should notice a special icon labelled ‘Expand Down’. When making a video call, tapping on it expands the video screen to the maximum range that you did set for it.

Change from Video to Screen Share

On the bottom, there are two icons that enable you to switch from video chat to screen share. The majority of people are familiar with the Video Call feature. However, if you are unfamiliar with the Screen Share icon, it is the one that captures a monitor screen with an arrow in the centre.

Leave that Call Button Alone

As the name implies, pressing it will end the call. Avoid pushing it, even accidentally, while on a call.

Generate a Server

To screen share, you must first generate or join a server. Channels exist on servers; some may be text channels for either texting or typing, and others are voice channels for making live video or live talking. Each server has multiple channels. Each channel can be devoted to a unique subject. Each of these channels is governed by its own set of rules and regulations. By utilizing this, you can easily divide and manage your teams according to project, Dept, or other criteria.

The following are the steps:

To generate a server or join an existing one, simply click the ‘+’ button in the upper left corner. It should be located directly beneath the Discord logo.

You might see a pop-up prompting you to join or create your own server. Select one of them.

If you want to generate a server, select the option ‘Create a Server’. Then you’ll need to give it a name.

Once you’ve decided on a name, click Create.

These are the considerations to make when using Discord. You should be able to manage it once you understand how to share screen on Discord.

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