How to dry long hair 

How to dry long hair

How to dry long hair 
How to dry long hair

In this piece of the article, you will find all the tricks and tips you need while drying your long hair. When we think about drying hair, we should know some fruitful methods to dry long hair. Therefore, applying the correct steps in the drying process can save our long hair from damage and hair loss. So, before doing this activity, you should know the appropriate actions prolonged hair increases every girl’s beauty.

Furthermore, below are some quality tips for you to dry your hair quickly and safely:

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1- Condition and comb

Using conditioner is excellent for speeding up the process of long hair dry, but it also makes smooth hair. All strand coats are silicone and sealed, resisting water in the method. On the other hand, selecting the best hair comb or brush is also essential. Always keep in mind that you are using a comb in this situation before using the conditioner. Otherwise, without a good and proper conditioner, applying a brush can damage your long hair. During blow-drying, make sure to select the best brush for your hair, which can help to brush and dry hair quickly.

2- Use a soft towel

If you use the classical method to use cotton or another hard towel, stop these things. Everyone knows that a hand towel can also destroy the hair instead of absorbing water. Rubbing your hair with a rough cloth is also wrong. So, always using a microfiber towel is much better. To carefully remove moisture, continue to look for sections of a fabric that are still dry. Frequent brushing can create hair breakage because it outlines the cuticles far too much.

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3- Always try to use good products

And always choose the best product to dry your hair according to your hairstyle. If you are damaged, you are not using any best products. If using bleach, hair-dryer, towel, exposure to air, etc., be sure to apply appropriate products. Products can be moisturizing conditioners, shampoos, treatments, moringa oil, etc. It is the best way to repair your damaged hair again and create healthy hair. Not only does it reduce hair damage, but it also makes it smooth and good health.

 4- Blow Dry

Blow drying is good, but too much heat damage to your hair isn’t suitable for your gorgeous strands. Therefore, the significant step is to use a diffuser adapter to blow-dry your hair without causing far too much harm. Affect water loss by using an exit conditioner or thermal spritz. So, another way to keep your long hair safe is to at least stay 6 inches away from the hairdryer from your head.

5- Undertake everything first

Before using anything, the suitable method is to let your hair naturally dry. As we know, this way is good to save your hair from any threat. Suppose you want to consult any hairstyle that shows what steps are best and quick for hair dryness. Moreover, they tell you to try drying your hair naturally before you blow-dry and brush it. After the shower, let your hair apply makeup and care for the skin, then blow-dry your hair. If the weather is cold, try to keep your hair warm with a smooth towel or t-shirt, rather than frizz it.

6- Dump if you are outside

The last tip is that you hurry to go somewhere outside after a shower. Then you must cover your hair with a smooth cloth, especially in the winter season. Otherwise, your hair becomes damaged due to freezing outside. Therefore, you must thoroughly dry your long hair before going out.


All the methods are beneficial for you to dry your long hair gently. These ways can keep your hair looking sleek, styled, and healthy. Don’t forget to use the best products also for your hair dry.


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