6 Top Highest Mountains Of The World

With the greatest highest peak Mount Everest is one of the biggest mountains. Which is sitting about 8,848m highest in the Nepal Himalayas. In some cases, It’s likely you knew that already. After all of that, about 100 people in the world ask to name that mountain, and most of the people will say, Mount Everest. And also this mountain is included in one of the visiting palaces by peoples.

 And a lot of people also know about the second-highest mountain in the world. Which is K2, which is placed on the China-Pakistan border. But far fewer know the third great highest mountain in the world is called Kangchenjunga. Or how to spell that type of name. So, how many of the highest mountains in the world do you really know about?

 So we are going to help you to learn about the top 10 highest mountains in the world. This helps you to cheat in this quiz of the pub in which you’re probably competing right now.

 Top 6 highest mountain

 Mount Everest China

Mount Everest, firstly climbed in 1953. Everybody knows that Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. In photographs, some enormous queues are showing near the summit which is opening a huge debate about Everest overcrowding.

One thing’s for sure, its inherent draw of Mount Everest is not going away any time soon. As well as those who are looking to take the route from the Base Camp of Everest to the summit, trekking to the Base of Everest Camp itself which is also hugely popular. In fact, it’s going to become the world’s most famous multi-day trek.

K2 Pakistan/China border

The second top listed and the highest mountain of all over the world is K2. This mountain’s name was taken by the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India British notations. At this time, there wasn’t no any local name for the mountain, and because of it, they stuck. This mountain also has its nickname called ‘Savage Mountain’. Which cool slightly in its point break, and over it is extreme kindred of top way. It is fitting with it.

This mountain is considered to be one of the toughest to climb, and harder notoriously than Mount Everest, and despite being the second tallest mountain all over the world. This mountain has the rate of second-highest fatality per summit attempt, with over 8000m, in which around 77 deaths and 300 successes are caused. 


So you knew that K2 was the second highest. But if you ask people what Kangchenjunga was, they would not guess it. It was founded between Sikkim in India and Nepal, with three of its peaks on the border and with the other two in the District Taplejung of Nepal.

This makes Kangchenjunga one of the highest peaks in India. The mountain was thought actually to be the highest mountain in all over the world until the year1852.

Lhotse Nepal/china

This is one of the most famous mountains in the list of the top 10 highest mountains in the world, largely because of its proximity to Mount Everest. The Lhotse route up is going to be the same as that up Mount Everest from Everest Base Camp until when you pass Camp 3 and then the department to the Reiss couloir from the Face of Lhotse, from where the Lhotse peak is reached. 

This is a little like the younger neglected sibling of Mount Everest. Though often it is visually considered attractive, significantly less busy. While the main Lhotse summit was climbed firstly in 1956, the Lhotse Middle remained the highest point unclaimed named on Earth for decades. It eventually scaled firstly in 2011 by an expedition of Russian.

Makalu Nepal/China

This is the third of the four 8000m-high mountains in Nepal Massif Everest. It was submitted first by a French expedition led in 1955 by Jean Franco. Their ascent is notable because of the fact that members of the expedition team summited the mountain trip. 

In those days, normally it was only two or one climbers from each team who reached the mountaintop on an expedition, so this was going to be a huge deal at the time, and generally, it’s going to be quite nice, isn’t it? It first summited on 15 May 1955, then more four went up the next day, then four more went up the after the day. Just very mountain climbing wholesome, really.

CHO OYU Nepal/China

The final and the fourth member in the regions of Everest 8000m Cho Oyu club. The sixth highest mountain in the world. which is about 8188m high, This is considered to be the easiest of the 8000m to climb, due to its ascent. It’s also just a few kilometers away from the  La pass Nangpa, a major route of trading between the Khumbu Sherpas and the Tibetan. 

If these four mountains, the region of Everest. With over 8000m in a boy band, Cho Oyu would be laid back, and an easy-to-go backup singer. Not going to be the most flamboyant one, but probably goes to be the most relatable.


Everest hogging all of the greatest fame, but the entire area of Asia continent is full of the greatest huge mountains. Many of the tallest mountains are mainly held in Asia. None of the summits of seven, on each continent the highest mountains – all of these listed in it except Everest. It’s actually going to be quite rare to find someone. Who knows about the eighth, seventh, or sixth-highest mountains all over the world.

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