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Hair transplantation technique to remove your hair baldness problems and give you a smart look

Hair transplantation technique to remove your hair baldness problems and give you a smart look

Hair transplantation is the best way to regain your lost hair with surgery. These days it is a method used by the generation to look younger.

How does hair transplant work?

 The method is used According to renowned hair transplant surgeons, to fix the hair problems. The all-over process is simple compared to other surgeries and also beneficial to get your hair growth.  In this method, the surgeons take hair from the back of your head and use it in the hair for the growth process.  Sometimes the hair needs to be taken from other parts of your body. Hence with this method, an adequate amount of hair is taken for the growth process. Then this method is used to transfer hair.

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Hence, Before proceeding with the transplantation process, you have to have proper knowledge about the method that is used.  Hence, hair transplant surgeons sterilize the area from where they are going to remove hair. By using a local anesthetic, they numb the portion. Hair transplant in Punjab is opted by the majority of the people.

There are two methods are followed for hair transplant in Ludhiana. Hence the first method is known as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) method.

Hence To perform hair transplantations the surgeons usually follow the step below.

  • Surgeons mostly remove a piece of about 6 to 10 inches from the patient’s  In this method they take hair, usually from the back of the head, with a scalpel.
  • After that, they stitch the area after taking hair from that area and then close the area with proper stitches.
  • Hence after that in the procedure, the process of separation is done. They separate the strip into smaller pieces using a scalpel. some of which contain only one hair each and the process is termed as grafts.
  • Hair transplant surgeons make holes in the scalp With a blade or needle. Hence the process of transplantation is going to take place.
  • After that, they insert hair into the holes from removed pieces of the scalp.
  • The last step is to cover surgical sites with gauze or bandage for prevention.

The particular number of grafts patients receive depends on the below-mentioned features.

  • Color of hair
  • Quality of hair
  • Hair type they have
  • Size of the site for transplant

Various things to be considered before surgery are below mentioned for hair transplantation in Punjab

  • In the process, Both surgeons and patients are getting interested in hair translation and need to make up their
  • The process required Very little preparation to proceed with this surgery.
  • After the surgery process, hair looks exceptionally natural.
  • patients do not require pain medication after surgery In most cases. Hence in the process, the medications need when hair transplant surgeons apply follicular unit excision technique on patients.
  • Hence After hair is appropriately transplanted, people do not have to worry much about it and remain the same for

Then this method is used to transfer hair. Hence after the surgery process, it grows for the rest of life.

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