Guidelines for teenagers to prevent cyberbullying

Guidelines for teenagers to prevent cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is one of the biggest problems nowadays. As technology is taking place globally, many disadvantages come with it. Cyberbullying has increased. The Cyberbullying Research Center did a study that recommends that fifty percent of teenagers experienced some cyberbullying in their high school times. Among these teenagers, only ten percent convey to their parents or the other authorities that help them in cyberbullying. Electronic devices are now visible in everyone’s hands even the kids also have them in their hands. We all understand that it is a very harmful thing that is growing. Many teens use the internet to study, like taking help from nursing assignment writing service uk. But more cases show us that technology is not just giving us advantages but also some disadvantages. So there must be aware with prevention regarding cyberbullying the teenagers.


Descriptions about cyberbullying

Before spreading the awareness and prevention from cyberbullying to teenagers, it is important to understand cyberbullying. Here are some of the points that best describes cyberbullying:

  • If you are spreading wrong news about someone, a rumor online
  • Sending threatening messages, emails, texts, or online accounts
  • Emailing or sending texts, including hurtful words and insulting someone
  • Hacking anyone’s account and pretending that you are the account owner
  • When you are making someone feel worthless using the online platforms as a weapon
  • If you have someone’s messages or pictures and you are sending them to other people and followers of the person

All these situations demonstrate cyberbullying, and it is evident that these things are wrong acts that are very common in technology. Teenagers are doing it to take revenge mostly and other reasons. Cyberbullying is very harmful, and it has lasting effects on the confidence, mental health, and self-esteem of the person who is facing it or experienced it. It also leads to depressions, self-harm, suicide, and anxiety. So read on to have the guidelines that will help you prevent cyberbullying for teenagers.


Guidelines for teenagers to avoid cyberbullying

Here are some helpful guidelines that are best for teenagers and people of other age groups as well to avoid cyberbullying:


  • Research cyberbullying if you are not aware of it. Knowledge will always give the power to know good and bad. You can easily find a lot of material on the internet and many good books that address cyberbullying. Search how it starts and why it takes place, plus why is it harmless. The more you research it, the more you will become aware of cyberbullying. Later on, you can tell about it to your family members and friends so they can also prevent it.


  • Always keep a check-up on your privacy settings for every account so that you can stay safe. Teenagers usually leave their accounts on social media in public mode. It is very dangerous to leave the account publicly and not know about it. Before uploading any personal things, check the settings that it is private if you want a private account. Public accounts become the target of cyberbullying very easily. Avoid providing your location or anything more personal that can easily lead the cyberbullying person to you.


  • Preventing from clicking the compromising pictures is the best option that you can choose. The texts and pictures that show sexual content mostly serve as an easy tool for cyberbullying. They will not think a second and post that content without any hesitation. Cyberbullies post their pictures and texts publicly. If they do not post it online, they will blackmail you and post them anyway. Cyberbullies also change their identity to hide it because they know they will commit a crime. Teenagers easily trust anyone on the internet while chatting, making friends. Then start sharing any picture or text that is very personal, thinking they can trust them.

Public Devise

  • When you use public devices, make sure to log out of your account on that device as soon as you leave; check twice that you have logged out of your account. Public devices are the easiest target of cyberbullies. So if they get a hold of your account, they can lock you out of it.


  • Build up the courage to raise awareness and fight against what is wrong. Never stay quiet when someone is doing the worst things with you. Speak with your friends and family and anyone who will listen to you and help you out. Many authorities take against cyberbullying, immediately report them without any fear as they can help you professionally and fast. Staying quiet can only give a chance to the bully’s blackmail and take more advantage of your private thins.


  • Check your account on Google to see if there are any accounts of your name and profile picture. You will know that someone is using your things in fake profiles. The cyberbullies take screenshots of your pictures if it is not defiled and then easily put your name and picture to make an account. Then they use it however they like to use it.


  • Never think that it is your fault that some are cyber bullying you. It will lead to more problems and knowing that you are a human, making mistakes. But also stay aware that you can ask for help and stay safe in the future. It is not your mistake that someone is wrong with your stuff.



Preventions for the teenagers and actions that authorizes take immediately are the only ways to decrease cyber bullying today. It is very important to make the internet a safe place for everyone. Moreover, the young generation will be using technology for every work they will have to do. So making sure that the internet is a secure place for them to do everything should be a priority. It will be great action as cyberbullies will stay away from such activities, and awareness will let the teenagers understand why they should stay safe on the internet for whatever purpose they use it.

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