Features That Make Attractive Custom Nail Polish Packaging

Custom nail polish packaging has taken the world by storm. This blog will reveal some hidden secrets that can help you design the next your dream packaging. 

Imagine a scenario in which your customers walk into a shop to buy their custom nail polishes. A plethora of different options surround them. The staff points towards one direction and then the other, showing the various brands and options. However, they are struck by a particular option that catches their eye. This custom nail polish packaging has bright, vivid colours and shimmering foiling. 

Their thoughts are flooded by the subtle softness of the packaging material, the tasteful thickness of it. Without even opening the packaging, they have made their decision. This is going to be the brand of nail polish they purchase. 

nail polish packaging boxes

That is called making an impact. This blog will tell you about various ways to design custom nail polish packaging that makes an everlasting impression on the customers.

Nail Polish Boxes With Add-Ons

In the previous example, the foiling on the packaging had a part to play when grabbing the customers’ attention. That foiling is called an add-on. As its name suggests, add-ons enhance the visual and sometimes functional properties of the packaging. 

Various add-ons can help you create decorative nail polish boxes. The following are some of the different add-on options

  • Hot Foiling
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Spot UV
  • Window Patching

Hot Foiling

Suppose you want to create nail polish packaging boxes with a thin strip of metal. This adornment can help enhance the overall visual appeal of the packaging. Furthermore, they can be used to fit in with the style of your brand and products. 

Manufacturers use special machines which heat and stamp the foil to the packaging as per design. Moreover, they can impart various effects on the foil. These effects range from matte, gloss to holographic finishes. 

Hot foiling is a wonderful way to highlight the lettering or borders and edges. Thus, making your nail polish packaging boxes stand out. 


When looking for ways to create custom nail polish packaging boxes that help increase your branding, embossing is one of the best options. 

This add-on helps create a change in textures in the packaging. It uses stamps that carry the negative of the design. As the packaging material is stamped, the image is a raised silhouette. 

Since this add-on requires the compression of the packaging, it works efficiently with thicker packaging materials like rigid paperboard or multi-layered corrugated packaging material. 

nail polish boxes


Debossing is similar to embossing. The difference lies in the fact that embossing raises the image of the packaging surface. At the same time, debossing causes the image to sink to the surface. 

Debossing helps stamp your authority into the packaging material. You can choose any design. Thus, you can embellish the nail polish boxes with images of your brand logo, slogan, and certifications. 

Spot UV

If you want an add-on that takes a specific packaging area and makes it pristine, spot UV is ideal. But why would you want to make only one-part look fascinating?

The simple answer is that people are attracted to disturbances in uniformity. The customers’ eyes are always on the lookout for something that sticks out from the norm. 

This add-on is applied using a multi-step process. First, special ink is used to cover your nail polish packaging boxes. Second, the ink is dried using UV light. The result is a raised surface that is smooth, looks glossy, and protects your packaging from environmental heat and moisture. 

Window Patching

Custom nail polish packaging with window patching is an exciting way to showcase your creativity while increasing the boxes’ functionality. 

This add-on allows customers to see the nail polish bottles inside the packaging without ever opening the boxes. Thus, it can help increase the customers’ trust in your brand as it displays the product before the customers purchase it.

By using window patching, you allow the visual aesthetics of the products to shine through. They become the star of the show.

This section covered various add-ons that allow you to take the packaging to a different level. So whether you are looking to make nail packaging boxes that look appealing or custom nail polish packaging that is unlike anything your customers have seen before, think about incorporating add-ons into your designs. 

Finishing Coats For Custom Nail Polish Packaging 

This section will cover the various finishing coats that can help you decorate your nail polish boxes. 

Unlike add-ons, finishing coats are not limited to a specific area of the boxes and can be used throughout the packing. However, that does not mean you are confined to using one finishing coat all over the boxes. 

You can choose to mix and match different finishing coats and create a style that is uniquely exclusive to your brand. 

The following are some of the finishing coats that can help you make a significant mark in the industry:

  • Matte Finishing Coat
  • Gloss Finishing Coat
  • Soft-Touch Finishing Coat
  • Varnish Finishing Coat

We won’t go into much detail, but for clarity, let’s just touch on the effects of these coatings

wholesale nail polish packaging

Matte Finishing

This coating allows you to dull down the bright colours of nail polish packaging. Thus, you can create subtle boxes.

Gloss Finishing

This coating has the opposite effects to matte. Thus, it can help make your custom nail polish packaging shine under the lights of retail shelves. 

Soft-Touch Finishing

The soft-touch finishing coat is unique because it produces a soft and subtle visual look while offering a velvety hand feel to the packaging. 

Varnish Finishing

The varnish finishing coat helps you stay somewhere between the effects of the matte and gloss finishing coat

So there, you have a basic understanding of finishing coats and their effects. 

In Conclusion

Add-ons and finishing coats are some creative ways to boost the visual appearance of your custom nail polish packaging boxes. 

The cosmetic industry is ripe with competitors, and it helps to have packaging that can help your brand stand out. However, it will be helpful to note that add-ons and finishing coats are just two of many ways to increase the visual aesthetics of your boxes.

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