Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Havelock Island

With bountiful places to go to in Havelock. The island is one of the largest in the Andaman and people’s favorite. Located 57 kilometers from the city of Port Blair and spanning a neighborhood of about 113 sq. kilometers. The island is shelved in the far-east of the Indian ocean. Filled with white sand beaches, lush green forests, and beautiful coral life, the island enjoys the best of the tropical atmosphere.

Havelock is a good traveler spot for each thrill-seeker and for the travelers wanting to sit back and relax at the various serene places to go to in Havelock. Scenic beaches with a plethora of adventure sports to have interaction in. Also, the quaint remote beaches where you’ll bathe in the warm sunlight make these places to see on Havelock Island. If you too are planning a visit to the island. Get packed, book air new zealand reservations online, and save up to 40% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. To assist you, scroll down and check this list of the best places to go to in Havelock Island that we’d recommend: 

  • Elephant Beach

Located on the north-western coastline of Havelock Island. Elephant Beach is a good location for snorkeling. Which also makes it one of the best places to go to in Havelock Island for adventure enthusiasts. Located more north from Radhanagar Beach, it’s simply a leisurely walk-off. Elephant Beach reached via tiny fishing boats from the east coast throughout the low tide. Surrounded by muddy forest trails and features a crescent shore that becomes impossible to reach throughout high tide. And therefore must be visited only at specific timings.

  • Kalapathar Beach

Stretches of white sand beaches, shores bluer than Mondays, and various black rocks were strewn across the shore are aspects that one would describe Kalapathar Beach. The sandy stretch gets its name from a nearby village referred to as Kalapathar. which gets its name from the black rocks that are spread across the shore. Kalapathar is a tiny but beautiful beach placed at the eastern edge of the island. At the same time, it’s is also one of Havelock Island’s best places to go for a stunning sunrise experience.

  • Vijaynagar Beach

If there’s one thing that’s affirmative. The actual fact is that Vijaynagar Beach is one of the best places to go to in Havelock. Located on the side of the island, the golden sand at Vijaynagar Beach may be a treat for travelers looking to relax. The beach stretches over a distance of 2-3 kilometers in the east of the island and is famous among tourists from everywhere across the world. 

  • Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur Beach is one of the best places to go to in Havelock if you’re looking to spend a daily relaxing at the warm and cozy sandy beaches of Andaman. The Beach is near Port Blair, one of the famous places to go to near Havelock Island. And also offers a leisurely time all throughout the year.

  • Neil’s Cove

Known as one of the best places to see in Havelock. Neil’s Cove is kind of a sight taken directly from a fairy tale. A lake formed with sandbars that stretch far into the ocean towards the west, and with forest fringes to the right, Neil’s Cove is really beautiful & lovely. Its shallow waters are good for swimming and also the trees offer shade ideal for a sojourn; the lake can be a good place to spend your day.

Last Words

In the end, we can recommend you to visit this wonderful paradox, Havelock. Do we hope that is what you want for a long relaxing vacation? If yes, plan your trip with and personalize your travel itinerary itself. Happy Vacations!

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