A Quicktake on the Entry of Comics into NFTs & Live Auctions Of Stan Lee’s Chakra NFT

The NFT space is getting wider with every passing day. This trend came up as an aid to the already existing blockchain technology. Gleaning unique artworks and collections is not something new to happen right now. Ancestors were following this century-old practice as a hobby. NFTs more or less follow the same pattern but with little variations. For minting the non-fungible tokens, Blockchain technology, the mastermind behind various industries, is utilized.

Comic NFTs are recently trending in the market, and this buzz started when Marvel characters were tokenized into NFTs. Recently, the news about Stan Lee’s Chakra NFTs took the internet by storm. Let us see in brief how comics are gearing up for the digital revolution.

The Digital Journey Of Comics

For quite a long time, NFTs have been creating huge headlines. You can mint almost anything into digital assets, as there are no boundaries existing. Owning something that is rare gives an extraordinary feel for people. Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that give immutable ownership to those who buy them. They are non-interchangeable and indivisible. One good thing about these NFTs is that the ownership of the NFTs is written in the digital ledgers. This will help the creators to claim their ownership. Paintings, artworks, physical assets, videos, music albums, memes, and gifs also have the potential to be minted into NFTs. After NFT gaming and sports, it also ventured into the entertainment industry. Various celebrities released their NFTs in public. Fans were enthralled to get their celebrity NFTs.

Disney made an announcement that it will partner with VeVe and create their Marvel and DC characters into NFTs. The huge success of Spider-Man and Wonder woman NFTs roared high success in the market. This gave a hint to the potential that comics have in favor of non-fungible tokens. This has led creators to come with comic characters for tokenizing them into NFTs.

Chakra The Invincible — An International Superhero

When discussing comics, one can never avoid talking about Stan Lee. He is a legendary creator known for his works on comic creations. Some of the popular comics created by him include Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, X-Men, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, etc. He made our childhood so special with all his creations. His contributions like Marvel and DC won millions of hearts.

Chakra The Invincible is another important creation that cannot be left unsaid. Stan’s long wish to create an Indian Superhero character became true through this work. He associated with Sharad Devarajan and co-created the Chakra. He is seen as a Superhero who personifies both Hollywood and Bollywood values. This has created a huge fan base for him. Even Stan has expressed that Indian tradition and culture will always admire him and resulting in him creating this Chakra.

Chakra The Invincible revolves around Raju Rai, who shows his determination to use science to understand his true potential. Dr. Singh, the mentor of Raju, inherits a technological suite that will activate all the Chakras in his body. Raju gets convinced that none will get to know even a bit about his energy. This is how the story goes, and he defends the city to protect it from evils.

Chakra The Invincible NFT — The New Entrant Into The NFT Space

Stan Lee’s creations are truly a benchmark in the entertainment industry. He has envisioned and co-created various comics in his lifetime. After Disney’s Marvel NFTs, the hopes and expectations on comic NFTs raised high temperatures. Owing to this great demand, the tokenization of Chakra NFTs came into being. The NFT collection is a great tribute to the legend who gave us so many beautiful memories to cherish during our childhood.

The NFT collections will feature Chakra artpunks, loot boxes, animated NFT videos, animated comic covers NFT, seven powers of Chakra, and much more interesting NFTs. To pep up the spirit of the comic fans, they are also offering Stan Lee birthday special NFT collections featuring his unique collections. The NFT drop comes with various exciting gifts and offers for comic fans. There is a treasure hunt session at the end of the auction where people who have bought more than five NFTs will get led to the treasure box. Every winner of the auction will also get amazing gifts.

The Stan Lee’s Chakra NFT drop is Live now and the NFT drops in Loot box with 6865 items has emptied in just a minute. Furthermore, as mentioned above, there is NFTs on Artpunks, Seven Chakra’s Powers, Animated Living Comic Book Cover and for the 99th birth anniversary of the legend Stan Lee, a special NFT is also on the auction. This one reason is enough for comic fans to get those NFTs. The registration process is so simple that you can easily sign-up, fund your wallet, auction and purchase the NFTs.

Winding Up

Non-fungible tokens are marching towards upscale as people are showing keen interest in buying them. Stan Lee’s Chakra is a unique and extremely rare set of collections. This will be a feather on the crown. So make use of this opportunity to buy Stan Lee’s Chakra NFT.

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