Carve Up Asphalt In Drift Hunters MAX

If you’ve seen any kind of car-based action movie, you’ve probably felt the need to drift through busy streets or parking structures when behind the wheel of a vehicle. The issue with this is, that it’s incredibly dangerous and not at all as easy as the movies make it look.0

To deal with this impulse, there are plenty of video games you can play to live out your fantasies. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t necessarily splurge on the latest PC or console release, then there is always Drift Hunters MAX.

Drift Hunters MAX is a new and improved version of the original Drift Hunters game with a ton of new features and content available to anyone with a desire for drifting. If that sounds good to you, here are even more things that make Drift Hunters MAX a must-play.


Super Accessible

Drift Hunters MAX is available exclusively on Like other games on the site, Drift Hunters MAX is completely free to play and is of staggeringly high quality. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can enjoy Drift Hunters MAX.

The game doesn’t require any extra downloads or external clients. The entire experience runs entirely within a web browser with great performance on just about any PC. If you want something quick to play that is full of fun and content, look no further.


Cloud Saves to the Rescue!

Console and PC games have long been using the all-powerful cloud save functionality to protect gamers’ progress, and now that feature is available in a web game. Drift Hunters MAX uses a simple account system to keep track of all of your unlocks, points, and tunings in one place.

You can start a session on one computer, end it, and pick it up somewhere else with no loss to your progress. It’s a game-changer, and something that other games can’t compete with. Even a different PC in a different location can be used to continue your same game.


Overhauled Graphics and Physics

Drift Hunters MAX is leaps and bounds ahead of the original Drift Hunters in terms of visuals. The completely overhauled graphics bring the game into a new era of web games that is much more realistic with high-quality assets.

Each car’s paint accurately reflects light, all lines are crisp and detailed. The attention to detail seen throughout is truly stunning, and it extends to the improved physics engine of the game. You won’t be drifting like a pro right out of the gate, it’s going to take time to learn the nuances of this system.


Plenty of Cars and Tracks

There are plenty of cars to learn in Drift Hunters MAX, with 37 cars total. Each one is carefully modeled after a real-life sports car and will be instantly recognizable to all car fans. Each car can also be further upgraded to maximize its performance. You will of course need a place to take all of these cars out and test their performance, and Drift HUnters MAX has 12 tracks for you to do just that.


After you check out Drift Hunters MAX, you should also go back and check out the original Drift Hunters. It lacks many of the bells and whistles of its newer sibling but is still an entirely fun game.



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