Can I get rid of “On Behalf Of” headers in Gmail?

A few months ago annoying “on behalf of” text issue has fixed. Basically, this text appears in the headers when someone sent an email from the combined Gmail address. This text steered multiple ways from using Gmail to sending from an alternate address. It results in the issue, but Gmail has offered the option to remove the “on behalf of” indicator. This message means that you can now send emails from various different addresses through a specific hub in Gmail. You can get rid of “On Behalf Of” headers in Gmail and for that, move ahead.

Ways for “On Behalf” Removal in Gmail

Removal of “on behalf of” and the email address from messages, set up Gmail to send mail through the alternate email address server. To do so,

  • First of all, select the Settings icon in Gmail and choose to See all settings appears in the drop-down menu
  • Go to the Accounts and Import tab and click on Edit Info under the Send mail as heading
  • Choose Next Step and choose the button next to option “Send through SMTP Server”
  • Enter the email user name that appears next to Username and enter the account password in the required box
  • Check if SMTP port is entered properly with TLS, 587 is the typical port without 465, and choose the option Save Changes

With the help of these settings, Gmail uses another email address server. Although Gmail is no longer the initiating domain, there is no more annoying “On behalf of” text

Importance of this header

Gmail will make the users capable to enter the email address they like as “From” sender address from every campaign. Well, it also means that the email which you send will be sent from a different domain than the listed domain in the custom from email address. If you get to know that it is quite important to have “On Behalf Of” text then, request access to the same.

  • Turn “On Behalf of” Message in Gmail

You will need to request access to send an email on behalf of someone else and for that, you have to follow the steps.

  • Add Account from the Google Mail Settings

First of all, click on the gear icon that appears in the top-right corner of Google mail. Click on the See all Settings and click on the Accounts tab. There you have to click on Add another email address under the Send mail as section of the accounts screen.

  • Enter Name and Email Address of Person

Enter the name of the person and the SOU email address. Make sure to uncheck the box that appears next to “treat as an alias”. It is vital to don’t add the person’s email address as an alias. Else, you start receiving copies of the incoming mail.

  • Send Verification Message and Wait for Confirmation

You have to send a verification message to the account owner. Click on the “Send Verification” option. Account owners have to click on the link in the email that they receive. You have to send a verification code for use on the second screen to finish the procedure. You have to click on Close Window to complete the process.

  • Compose Email as Other Person

While composing an email, you can choose the account to send the email to. You can do so from the drop-down menu on the ‘From’ domain of the header. There you have to click on the account name and then, select the account to use it

As we have covered both of the steps including getting rid of or requesting “On Behalf of” text in Gmail. Make sure to use a good network connection to avoid any issue further.

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