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Wardrobes, also known as wardrobes or linen closets, are indispensable in the bedroom. A wardrobe is also very useful in the hall for neat and easy tidying up of all items of clothing. Combine shelves, drawers, and hanging areas to achieve optimal distribution for all your clothes. At GAMMA you will find a wide range of wardrobes and wardrobes in different types, sizes, and colors. Do you want a wardrobe with sliding doors or a large linen cupboard that fits perfectly into a room down to the millimeter? Then have your wardrobe or wardrobe made to measure. This way you can buy a new walk-in closet or a corner closet exactly the length, width, and height you want. Search through all the possibilities and buy your new wardrobe at GAMMA.


Sliding door wardrobes, open and corner wardrobes

If you are going to choose a wardrobe, it is wise to think about where you will put the wardrobe. With a regular cupboard where you open the doors, you need a space to open the doors completely. If you have a tight space, sliding door wardrobes offer the solution. Because a wardrobe has sliding doors, you don’t have to take the fold-out space into account at all and you protect the clothes from dust. Prefer an open wardrobe without a door? Design the cupboard yourself online at GAMMA and determine what kind of compartments and hanging space you want in your open cupboard. Is your wardrobe going to be in the corner? Create a sliding door wardrobe or a regular custom model especially for the corner. This way you make optimal use of the corner space. Learn more buying guide tips 


Wardrobes for your interior: white and oak

A closet in the hall or bedroom provides a lot of storage space. In addition to the functional aspect, a large wardrobe or wardrobe in the hall also determines your interior. That makes the choice depends on your personal preference. A white wardrobe gives a spacious effect and fits well in modern interiors. If you are looking for a large cupboard, a white variant will create a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Would you like a rural look? Then a wooden look such as oak is recommended. Oak is a light wood shade that fits in many interiors. You also have variations within the oak color when you have a cabinet made to measure so that you can adjust the wooden appearance to your wishes.


What to look for when buying a cabinet

Think in advance about how much storage space you need. Which cabinet makes the most use of the space at your disposal, without appearing too massive. For example, white or light pieces of furniture create a friendly atmosphere in dark and small rooms. Wardrobes in bedrooms are optimal when they reach just below the ceiling. If the cupboard is lower, you can also use storage boxes and place them on top of the cupboard. Choose a cabinet that matches the style of your interior, so that the ambiance remains harmonious. Style breaks in the form of color contrasts are of course allowed. For example, a white cabinet can perfectly complement a predominantly black interior.


Cabinets – from environmentally friendly production

At otto.nl you will find a wide range of cabinets that originate from sustainable production. Look out for our eco-labels such as the FSC mark. This means that the origin of the wood is strictly controlled, as well as the social and environmental conditions of its processing.


Which cabinets are suitable for small spaces?

For small spaces, cabinets in light colors are well suited. High cabinets that offer as much storage space as possible are optimal. Mirror cabinets also provide a nice magnified effect. They make small spaces appear lighter and larger.


Can I also put a normal cupboard in the bathroom?

Special bathroom cabinets are better suited for the bathroom than a regular cabinet. Bathroom cabinets are less deep, the proportions are more appropriate and they provide ample storage space for towels, cosmetics, and much more. The materials are also more resistant to high humidity.


How do I clean high-gloss cabinets?

High-gloss furniture is easier to clean than one might think. At first, you would say that cabinets with a glossy coating are less maintenance-friendly than cabinets with lacquered fronts since you can see every fingerprint on high gloss. To clean high-gloss cabinets, you only need lukewarm water, a few drops of dishwashing liquid, and a cotton cloth or chamois. After wiping, the cabinet should be swept with a dry cotton cloth, which will polish the surface. If you cannot remove the stains with regular dishwashing liquid, a special cleaning agent for high-gloss furniture offers the solution.


Why shouldn’t cabinets be too close to the side?

In general, it is recommended not to place cabinets and other furniture too close to the side. Instead, the cabinet should be about 5 to 10 cm from the wall. The walls of a house normally heat up due to the temperature in the house. If there is a barrier in front of the wall, the warm air cannot escape. This disrupts air circulation. Condensation then forms on the wall behind the cabinet. And those are perfect conditions for fungus to grow and bloom freely.


How can I order cabinets cheaply online?

Do you want to buy cabinets cheaply, without sacrificing brand quality? Then we invite you to ‘browse’ through our furniture range. Here you will find modern cabinets at fair prices, which also delight customers with a smaller budget. Also, heavily discounted cabinets are regularly waiting for you, because they have to make room for new products. It pays to look around: your new favorite cupboard may already be waiting for you! You can also pay for this in various ways. View all options on our service page.

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