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4 Benefits to Buy House with Bitcoin in Dubai

Buy house with bitcoin has just become a huge deal in Dubai real estate market or any other part of the world. You can now buy real estate with bitcoin to have your very own residential property.

This is good news for bitcoin investors as they now have another option whether to use their bitcoins to purchase properties around the world, especially those located in Dubai, UAE.

But what are the benefits of buying property with cryptocurrency? Does it have any difference compared to bitcoins in terms of security and privacy? How does this benefit investor who are planning on purchasing an apartment with other cryptocurrencies, such as ethereum and zcash?

Real Estate Buyers Go for Risk-Taking

The Dubai real estate market is now experiencing the benefits of many people who are willing to buy property with bitcoin. This is happening because these foreign individuals and companies do not want their real identities revealed as they don’t reside in Dubai and so, this may bring about some inconveniences and issues with their respective governments.

The anonymity that bitcoin offers its users has given its value a big boost, which has attracted many real estate investors to use it in purchasing real estate.

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However, this anonymity is not absolute, particularly when buying properties through bitcoin. Certain factors still require some level of identity disclosure and proof before you can own a residential property in Dubai for example. It’s just the same as the traditional real estate transactions, but with the added benefit of having an extra layer of anonymity.

What Makes Buyers Opt for Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have already proven their worth as they can be used to purchase many items. From properties to cars and even traveling the world. Bitcoin has become a popular means of payment since it offers its users complete anonymity. This is one of the main reasons why more people are considering purchasing real estate with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Buy House with Bitcoin

Buy House with Bitcoin in Dubai Benefits

Here are some of the benefits associated with using bitcoins as payment for real estate properties:

1. Tax Savings

Buyers can receive more tax deductions if they pay using bitcoins. This is because lenders will allow you to deduct 0.2 percent of the mortgage interest rate on your property taxes. Additionally, you can also deduct any expenses related to the taxes of your home.

2. Buyers Don’t Have to Pay Additional Fees

Lenders won’t be charging you extra cash for processing bitcoin payments. This practice is quite usual when it comes to traditional transactions, especially when paying with checks or credit cards, which are often charged by intermediaries. This can greatly benefit investors who are already spending a lot of money on the processing fees associated with bitcoin transactions.

3. Buyers Can Exchange Bitcoins for Other Cryptocurrencies

Buyers who wish to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio can opt to purchase other crypto coins after they’ve received bitcoins in return for their real estate properties. You can buy altcoins like ethereum, dash and zcash among other cryptocurrencies easily.

4. Buyers Can Buy Properties without Getting Their Identity Revealed

Buyers who live in countries that restrict or ban real estate transactions can still purchase real estate with bitcoins. This is also good news for people who don’t want their personal information associated with their real estate transactions.

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