Best UPI payment apps in India in 2022

India is rapidly becoming a digitally advanced nation due to the Digital India initiative by the government. This has led to a sudden surge in the number of users who opt for online bill payments and fund transfer. Payments through UPI have made a significant contribution in making the country move towards digital payments. Also, the national lockdown due to Covid 19 in 2020 resulted in the huge number of people choosing online fund transfer and bill payments.

The increasing number of digital payments is impressive and it has only become possible due to UPI i.e. Unified Payments Interface. For starters, we’ll understand what exactly is meant by UPI and how it works. As there is a massive increase in the number of UPI users, the PlayStore is flooded with payment apps that facilitate the online transactions.  

 What is UPI?

UPI is Unified Payments Interface developed by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) an organization which is responsible for transfer of funds between banks accounts. Due to advancement in the technology for making payments via UPI, money transfer is possible across the country with lightning fast speed. UPI helps bring multiple bank accounts onto a single platform of a mobile application for bill payments.

 What are UPI payment apps?

There are several mobile applications that enable UPI payments with great ease. You can use these apps for bill payments, recharge and fund transfer anywhere in India, from the comfort of your home. They have become an inseparable part of our lives especially in the advent of the pandemic where everybody id forced to stay indoors.

Which are the best UPI payment apps?

Users have many options when it comes to UPI payment apps. Below are some of the popular options to look for –

  1. Google Pay –Tez, later became popular as Google Pay, is one the most widely used app for payments in the country. The app has garnered a large base of customers in a short period of time. Moreover, the tag of the brand ‘Google’ has helped it gain trust from the users quickly. This app enables users to pay bills, recharge, transfer funds, shop online etc effortlessly. Winning rewards is the most exciting part of using Google pay. Users randomly win scratch cards for using Google pay for their transaction. This helps them get cashback or redeemable partner vouchers.
  1. PhonePe –PhonePe is one of the best apps for UPI payments and is extremely popular among the Indian masses. This made in India app has achieved great heights of fame among the customers. It is a great platform for UPI money transfer, online bill payments, various recharges, ordering food online, shopping etc.  The app also gives a variety of rewards and offers to its users randomly after transactions. PhonePe has recently also started hosting insurance services on its platform.
  1. Paytm –This is one of the earliest apps to enter the lives of the users with UPI payment facility. Paytm quickly got popular among the Indian users with the famous tagline ‘Paytm Karo’. It is not only a payments app but also host a number of other services on its platform such as bus, hotel, flight bookings, movie tickets, e-challan payments, buying gold, train ticket booking etc. Due its versatile nature, the app still holds the top position for many users.
  1. Bajaj Finserv app –

Bajaj Finserv app is an emerging platform for all financial needs of its customers, aiming to bring several services and facilities onto a single app. The app enables users to make seamless UPI payments, transfer funds, recharge, shop online, order food, book flights & hotels, etc in just a few clicks. It hosts almost all top billers & service providers. The app also hosts financial assistance like lending, consumer durable loans, credit cards, etc.

Thus, the above-mentioned apps are some of the best options to look at if you need a good payments app for yourself. It is always better to transact online as it is safe and quick and also eliminates the hassle of stepping out to pay any bill or transfer funds.


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