Belkin n450 DB router slow internet connection? Ways to fix it

In order to use a high speed and wide range you can use a belkin n450 router. It will provide a better speed then other traditional routers. This is a multi-functioned and advanced router. By using the mobile data you can’t use the proper speed of the internet. By using the belkin n450 DB router, You can easily enjoy endless live streaming, Watch online HD videos without any buffering. It delivers a high speed connection by using the N technology and dual band features. The setup process is also simple and secure. By using the online web browsing method can also complete configuration. Not to be worried about the slow internet and say BYE-BYE to the buffering.

You can easily access the belkin router login page just by using the default IP address. You can also setup by using a CD. In the packaging box of your wireless router a setup CD will also come. In the belkin n450 router the multibeam technology antennas enhance the network range and provide full speed of connection. The dead zones areas will be covered by full network coverage. By using the network connectivity you can watch online movies, Play online games without any lagging or buffering. 

Facing slow internet connection in belkin n450 DB router?

Belkin n450 router is the best to use in small houses or offices. It is compatible to work with all kinds of 2nd generation devices. In this router 4 ethernet ports are available. You can easily connect your printer, extender using these ports and access high speed internet connection. But sometimes user’s will face low speed issues. This kind of problem can be raised for various reasons. Not need to be worry here are some simple steps to solve and reason behind this problem.

  • Due to lot’s of connected client devices at one time.
  • 5GHZ network disabled.
  • Firmware corrupted or not updated successfully.
  • The Internet DSL line is not working.

If you are facing slow internet issues these reasons are the major factor that have been mostly seen. You can fix it manually using the steps given below : 

Reposition your router

If your router is placed on the center hall and your bedroom is on the first floor. Then the range issue must occur. In order to fix these issues, You can change the location or relocate to the nearest point of your room. Or can install an extender, Which will extend the network of your wireless router. 

Be sure that your router is placed on a ventilated area and non heating surface. Overheating of devices can also make the network slow. Ensure to remove all the network obstacles if has been placed in the front of your router. Check that the external antennas are connected properly with the belkin n450 DB router. 

Change the router network password

Open the admin center panel and visit advanced settings. Check the connected device status. If you found many guest networks connected with your wireless router. Then this can make your device slower. If your router password is leaked or broken by a stranger they can access your router internet without your permission. So we recommend you to change the password and choose a strong one. 

To change the password in the router settings select the 2.4ghz or 5ghz network and click to security settings. On the password box enter a new password and click to apply settings. Your wireless network password will change and the guest network will disconnect automatically.

Update router with latest firmware version 

Open the control center and check the firmware, If update is available or firmware is outdated update it with the latest version. It’s necessary to update your router from time to time. Because after updating your router will refresh and update with new features. 


Ways to update – Simply open any web browser and visit the belkin official website and simply open the firmware page. As well as select the firmware and download it according to your model number. Select desktop to save the downloaded file. Now simply access the router admin center and click to advanced settings. Select firmware upgrade option. Pop-up message comes out to select your downloaded file. Select it and simply click to update.

Your router will update shortly and be ready to use. After updating once, reboot your device and after then it’s ready to use. In this way you can easily update the firmware manually or you can also enable the automatically update option. Your router will update whenever a new version is available. 

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