7 Time Management Strategies That Will Increase Your Productivity

Have you ever had one of those days where you get up from your desk, answer phone calls from family members, and surf the web only to discover it is noon, and you have not achieved anything for the day? We have all been in that situation. However, when this becomes a daily occurrence, it is time to intervene. Use the following suggestions to increase productivity at work, school, or home.

Identify and List Your Time-Wasters

Begin your day by making a list of things you know you waste time on. Keep the list close at hand. When you catch yourself squandering time, add it to the list. This will act as a reminder of things you should avoid doing, such as viewing random YouTube videos when you should be focused on your work.

Delete or Hide Social Media Applications on Your Phone

According to research, we spend about 4 hours going through our social media accounts every day. That is 4 hours spent doing unproductive activities every day. That is easily 25 percent of your daily waking hours. Consider how you can use this time to boost your productivity.

Remove social networking applications from your mobile device’s home screen and the toolbar on your computer’s browser to avoid squandering this time. While the sites will not be fully unavailable, this technique will prevent you from checking updates on the spur of the moment. Most times, there is probably nothing new to see anyway.

Make Daily Goals and Set Reminders

Every day brings new responsibilities to take up. Take life one day at a time to make it easier for yourself to finish each assignment. Do you have a research report due the following month? Instead of waiting until the last minute, think about what you will do each day to accomplish it. To remain on top of your daily goals, use programs like Google Calendar. You may use reminders to keep yourself organized and avoid forgetting anything.

Prioritize the Most Important Daily Tasks

It is too easy to begin your day with the simplest duties. Even when you are avoiding your important assignment, it helps you feel like you are achieving something meaningful. But by the time you finish your less important duties, you are exhausted and much more hesitant to begin the major part of your job.

Try something different by doing the most critical activities first. When you are through with those big tasks, you will feel relieved, and the remainder of your day will go more easily.

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Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is an elaborate hoax! It is physically not possible to multitask. Instead, our brains shuffle attention from one job to the next so quickly that we fool ourselves into thinking we are multitasking.

But we are not very good at it. If you try to perform too many things at once, you will most certainly fail to perform duties to a good quality standard.   Furthermore, it may take you longer if you merely focused on one assignment at a time, implying that multitasking only serves to reduce your productivity.

Make the Most of Downtime

What do you do when you are waiting in the doctor’s office or riding the train home? You are wasting time if you are looking out the window. Instead, you could try sending emails, brainstorming, and taking notes on your next job or school project. You could even utilize this downtime to focus on your regular stress-relieving breathing exercises. The key is to do something constructive, rather than letting this dead time just meander away.

Read Books on Time Management (And Practice What Is Preached in Them)

Consider reading time-management books to acquire the greatest tips on how you can manage your time. They will most likely be more valuable to you because they are more detailed. Such books will give you practical tips on how to make the most out of your time.

Summing Up

We all have limited time in our lives. Everyone just gets 24 hours a day. You should try to make the most out of this limited time. Following the aforementioned time-management strategies will allow you to boost your productivity and feel good about yourself. You can also boost your productivity by using Windstream’s reliable internet. With this provider, you will not have to waste your precious time if you face any service-related or technical issues because Windstream Customer Service is just a call away!

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