5 Trends of Custom Lash Boxes for Your Brand Improvement 

We all know the false lashes have become the most imperative part of the cosmetic industry due to raising the demand of their customer ratio. Add to this lashes constructed from fragile or sensitive material, and if they become polluted, it makes the cause of versatile reaction in your eyes. Due to this, brands need to pack them in strong and durable lashes packaging boxes. For this purpose, the paramount option is to go for custom lash boxes that are available in versatile options, and you can choose as per your demand. Here are some major custom lash packaging boxes that you can pick. 

  • Material 
  • Styles 
  • Designs 
  • Add-ons  
  • Printing content 
  • Lamination

Now it’s time to see the trends you need to use for your lash packaging boxes. 

Choose Rigid Cardstock for Your Lash Packaging Boxes 

The first trend is to use rigid cardstock to produce a perfect custom eyelash box template. The use of rigid cardstock for your brand is just a pleasant choice for your eyelashes. Such lash boxes are best to pack your products in secure packaging that presents your brand quality standards in front of your audience. 

Packaging suppliers offer two types of rigid cardstock for the packaging of your product. One is Kraft rigid boxes made by compressing the multiple layers of Kraft paper to create rigid material. The other is made by compressing the cardboard paper to make heavy-duty rigid cardstock for your products in premium quality packaging solutions. Thus, you can pick the right options that fit your budget to produce custom lash boxes. Apart from this, you opt for any style and shape from rigid cardstock to make them unique. 

Pick Diamond Cut Eyelash Packaging Boxes 

The unique style of eyelash boxes is the major requirement for every product supplier. Distinctive styles captivate more customers towards your brand when your lashes are placed on the cosmetic shelves. So, consider the choices of your target audiences by doing the research and choosing styles that you like. However, you have the option to pick sliding, 2-pieces boxes, flip-top boxes, oval-shaped boxes, rectangular-shaped boxes, and pillow-shaped boxes for eyelashes. But the use of diamond-cut lash packaging is more trendy these days. 

Most cosmetic suppliers use diamond-cut eyelash boxes with logos to present their lashes in front of your lash lovers. Apart from this, you also need to print all the information like use, glue, lash removing steps, and security precautions on the box. 

Having Magnetic Lid Closure on Lash Boxes 

Well, if you want to invest in your lash packaging boxes to make the word of mouth of your target audiences more. Thus, you need to use the magnetic lid option in your personalized lash box to make it more demanding. Also, this closure system has been working for a long time to store your lashes after every use. This magnetic list system is merged with flip-top boxes style, and it is easy to open for your end-users. 

Insertion of Window on Lash Packaging 

Customers never buy products that are present in the full cover boxes, and they request the retailer to open the products for checking. Therefore, it is not possible for cosmetic retailers to open the box multiple times once a day and the products are never polluted. So, to ensure security and provide the esthetic display of your curly mink lashes, the insertion of the window is just perfect on your custom-made eyelash boxes. The packaging industry offers two types of window lash boxes, one is single-sided, and the other is the double-sided window on lash packaging boxes. But most lash manufactures choose a single-sided window with a unique shape to make their packaging captivating. 

Using Proper Lash Storage trays and Holders 

Brands must use lash storage trays and holders in the box to separately place your lashes to protect.  And, it prevents the lashes from mingling, damaging, pollutions, and dust particles. Packaging suppliers offer cardboard-made trays, clear plastic trays, and reusable plastic trays to make eyelash packaging boxes to pack them in strong boxes. Apart from this, you can use an EVA foam sheet that has mold according to the eyelashes to firmly place on the place. 

Ending up Discussion 

So, this discussion highlighted the top trends of custom lash boxes that you can pick as per your requirements. On this subject, you need to use rigid cardstock to provide strong shelter to your products. Also, you can pick diamond cut shape, magnetic lid closure, and window cuts outs to provide visibility of your items. Now it’s all up to you what you select for your lash boxes. 


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