5 Rising Big Data Technologies to Look For in 2022

All of us would have heard the term “Big data” somewhere and how all the information shared on the internet, be it the emails, messages, Twitter tweets, all end up making what we know as data. This article will introduce you to some of the topmost big data technologies that are dealing with all this data. These technologies essentially hold the future of big data.

These data technologies hire big data developers to manage this data and companies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are using these technologies to extract information from this data to make profitable decisions. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generate daily. The big data market expect to reach $103 billion by 2023.

All of this would have raised your curiosity about big data technologies. Let’s see the big-data technologies used by startups and companies to make profitable decisions using the right information. First, we will dissect what big data technology is and then move on to the topmost data technologies to look out for.

What are Big Data Technologies

Big data technology represents an assembly of data that is enormous and is increasing exponentially. Big data technologies are the software tools use to analyze, process, and extract information from this large and complex dataset. The traditional management tools cannot deal with it.

Let’s discuss the types of big data technologies!

It is broadly classified into underlying two categories:

1: Operational Big Data Technology

Operational big data technologies deal with the data generate daily such as online transactions, social media interactions, and communications, specific to particular companies and use for data analytics and analysis with the help of software base on big data technology. To name a few, big data technology include information on MNC management, Flipkart, Amazon, Walmart, flights, railways, and things like movies online ticketing, etc. 

2: Analytical Big Data Technologies

Analytical big data technology deal with advance adjustments of big data technology as it is rather complicate than the operational big data technology. This is big data in demand that is directly linked to the information generation that aids the businesses and their decisions. For instance, stock marketing, weather forecasting, and medical record analysis fall under this category of big data applications. 

Let’s talk about the 5 topmost big data technologies.

Top 5 Big Data Technologies

  1. Apache Hadoop

It is the topmost big data technology and is an open-source software develop by Apache software foundation for storing and processing big data. Moreover, the data can be store and analyze from both high-speed and low-expense machines. It has been a hit with companies and has been widely chosen by companies for their data warehouse needs. Furthermore, this big data trend is on the rise and companies who are yet to explore Hadoop will see its advantages and benefits.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence thrives on human intelligence for the development of intelligent machines capable of running out of tasks with accuracy and efficiency. It use in different industries such as healthcare, the tech industry, education, and more. Artificial intelligence is growing faster and has been put to use in multiple ways from the development of Siri to self-driving cars. It has revolutionized deep learning and has increased machine learning to transform most tech industries for the better. AI is making strides in big-data technologies and changing their present existence.

  1. NoSQL Database

NoSQL comprises a wide variety of big-data technologies in the database, which are used to develop modern big data applications.  Whereas, It goes back to the 1960s but was named “NoSQL” in the early 20th century. The change trigger by the needs of web 2.0 companies. Moreover, It allows data acquisition and recovery based on non-SQL or non-relational databases. Therefore, they help with Web and big data analytics in real-time. It use to store unstructured guaranteeing higher performance and flexibility with various data types- for example, MongoDB, Redis, and Cassandra. Additionally, It’s flexible with design integrity, provides horizontal scalability, and caters to different opportunities across different devices. Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other similar companies generate and store terabytes of user data daily.

  1. R Programming

R is one of the programming languages and big-data technologies in use. The free software use for statistical computing, unified development, and visualization. Moreover, It has been reported as one of the world’s leading programming languages. The system is widely use to conduct data analysis and by data miners and statisticians.

  1. Data Lakes

Data lakes works as a repository for storage of all types of data formats at all levels be it structure or unstructure data. Additionally, It can be save in an unstructure format without having to transfer it into a structure data format. Moreover, It helps business enterprises to capture more business growth opportunities than their competitors with the help of client engagement and active-device maintenance and decision-making. 

Emerging Big Data Technologies

To list a few of the emerging technologies to increase your familiarity and knowledge of what to expect from big technologies in 2022.

  • TensorFlow
  • Beam
  • Airflow
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Blockchain

What to Expect From Big Technologies in the Future

We have tried to cover some of the topmost and emerging big data technologies to increase knowledge around this topic. However, the field is continuously in a process of evolution. Innovations are coming about to cater to the demands in the IT industry. Furthermore, I hope this article will leave you with more information than you had before jumping onto give this a read. 

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