5 Facts to Know About Custom Bath Bomb Boxes

Custom bath bomb boxes are an excellent marketing tool for any company.

If you want to start a bath bomb business, one of the first things you should is research the competitors. However, when you see all of those beautiful bath bomb boxes on their websites, you may be intimidated. Don’t be concerned! In this post, we’ll show you how to create a personalized bath bomb box that will make your product stand out on the retail shelf.

  1. Use bold colors to make your box stand out.
  2. Consider the size of your CBD bath bomb boxes.
  3. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create a unique custom box.
  4. Keep things simple but clean.
  5. Keep your branding consistent with the rest of your marketing materials.

1. Use bold colors to make your box stand out

It is critical to employ eye-catching colors on packaging to make your product stand out. When selling a black or white product, it can be not easy to distinguish various brands that sell identical products. Therefore, make your packaging and products stand out by using solid and vivid colors.

Consider an envelope-style box or a transparent one if you’re starting with a small product (such as a bath bomb). Furthermore, if you’re selling something blinged-out, such as aromatic items, consider putting an image on the box that complements the subject. Finally, consider getting something printed if you have a limited budget and want to add a little extra design to your bath bomb. If your boxes are too little to afford the on-demand service, you may have to buy everything in bulk from print shops.

Which hue do you choose?

If you’re seeking ideas, we hope you’re taking a lot of baths! Furthermore, if you’re aiming for long-lasting bath bombs, you have a few possibilities. If you want a more temporary solution, place a piece of bubble wrap over the top of the bath bomb. And, if being unique in the shower is more important to you than keeping your clients happy, you can make gift bags or jars to keep your treasured bath bomb safe and out of our messy kitchen.

2. Consider the size of your bath bomb box

The size of your bath bomb box has a significant impact on the success of your bath bombs. Therefore, always keep the size of your bath bomb box in mind to avoid damaging your bath bombs. For example, if your bath bomb box is too small, your bath bombs will experience too much compression force.

Because bath bombs are so tiny, they don’t need to be displayed on a credit card. The box hasn’t been punched; it should feel substantial, like a slot-able concrete box. Bath bombs should not feel crammed into a box; instead, they should feel like a weight has been removed from your shoulders. The package should remain dry (but if you intend to put a printed instruction sheet inside, a splash of impermeable tissue sealant may also help).

3. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create a unique custom box

There are numerous ways to create your own bespoke CBD packaging without being a graphic artist. You may find templates online or hire someone to do it for you on Fiverr. You can also utilize pre-made box inserts from firms like Box builder that are ready to be personalized.

Then, using either computer software or an inkjet printer, design your labels. To guarantee that your product labels fit, you may need to utilize an overlapping pattern. (In a later lesson, you’ll learn how to apply overlap patterns.) Then, think of creative ways to spice things up. For example, quotes from the Hotline Miami comic strip are a simple way to add color without going overboard. You may also include a quote from the journal of a British boarding school student.

It’s not only funny, but it also presents your goods in a fun way while targeting the young demographic. Create a social media campaign for your bath bomb in addition to employing entertaining graphics. There is no better method to gauge demand for a product in your industry than to solicit input from actual customers! After all, your internet clients may be interested in checking out your goods in the first place.

4. Keep things simple but clean

People want to know what you want them to do and how, but they do not want to be told how. You may assist make your calls to action simpler and easier to grasp by utilizing simple language. This quick and easy guide to bath bomb success case studies takes the reader beyond their comfort zone.

Bring in writers. People enjoy writing about their experiences; this is known as influencer marketing. If you see your ideal customer as a sophisticated business writer, you can utilize your content to attract that writer and get them started on the path to writing copy for you. Contact local news and community organizations if a company is tough to locate for writers. It may be worthwhile to spend some time researching their industry groups and finding trustworthy sites that are currently writing about the specific issue your client is marketing. Maintain simplicity. You want to convey your message about bath bombs in as few words as feasible.

5. Keep your branding consistent with the rest of your marketing materials

When it comes to branding, consistency is everything. If you have a logo, ensure that it is the same color and shape throughout your branding items. If you use a typeface, ensure that it is the same color and size throughout your branding pieces. It’s also a good idea to utilize emoji’s, product names, and product descriptions consistent throughout all of your branded products.

Fortunately, if you don’t have a logo, even a good color scheme can help. Use the company colors closest to your selected logo to try the transparent technique. If you can’t stomach the thought of parting with your original logo, try an alternative form or even a “zebra” pattern. When everything else fails, chuck it all away and start over. Branding Maintain consistency in your brand regardless of the product. Your name may be abbreviated if you move about a lot with your wholesalers.

This is probably unimportant because people don’t get to know you, but it’s a good idea to brand your products with the same name for consistency. After all, customers are less likely to shop if you confuse them by sounding overly corporate.


Bath bomb boxes are an excellent marketing tool for any company that sells bath bombs, whether online or in person. A well-designed bath bomb box elevates your product’s appearance and helps you stand out from the crowd.

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